10 Souvenirs To Buy in Switzerland

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland or want to know what to buy in Switzerland, this post has you covered! One of my favorite things about travel is finding something special from the places I visit. It could be something small, like a piece of jewelry, or something handmade locally in the country.

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Swiss souvenirs represent the country, especially for those at home. Whether you are shopping in Switzerland for gifts or looking for what to buy in Switzerland as a keepsake from your trip, you will find plenty of ideas below!

One of the things that I try and collect in every county I visit is a small flag. While in Switzerland I also picked up the flag representing Geneva, because of its unique and colorful design! Keep reading for tips on what to buy in Switzerland on your visit!

Switzerland is a pricey country overall, so it makes sense to choose your Swiss souvenirs wisely. Keep reading below to see some of the best things to buy in Switzerland, and if you are looking for quality products, Switzerland is where you will find it!

1 – Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

The bold red color of the swiss army knife and the versatility of the tool have made it recognizable all over the world as the most popular pocketknife. It is first on the list of things to buy in Switzerland because it was probably the first thing you thought of as well. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the cultural icons of Switzerland, which earns it my vote for one of the best gifts from Switzerland or a great moment from your trip.

2 – Chocolate


If it was not the Swiss Army knife that you thought of first when it comes to the best Swiss souvenirs, Chocolate would probably be it! Want to know why Switzerland is known for having some of the world’s best chocolate? It is because of the pasture grazed cows that produce the milk that makes chocolate in Switzerland. If you visit Interlaken, be sure to pop into the Funky Chocolate Club to make some chocolate of your own and learn all about the best Swiss chocolates.

3 – Swiss Watches

Swiss Watches

Swiss watch brands are the top in the industry. They are one of the best things to buy in Zurich if you can afford it. Whether it is materials, design, or even the case, swiss watches are distinguished from other brands. people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for swiss made watches thanks to their rich history, their quality materials and workmanship, and their luxurious look. Yes, you can get a Chinese made a watch for a few dollars, but a Swiss-made watch is for more than just telling time. 

4 – Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is a traditional dish in Switzerland that originated in the Alps region. Traditionally, it was a hearty peasant dish using ingredients that are available in winter: cheese, wine, and coarse bread. In Switzerland, “la fondue” means cheese fondue, not any other kind of dipping fondue. If you want to recreate a Swiss cheese fondue, you need a fondue pot and a few types of cheese. Greyère is a popular choice. You also need white wine and kirsch. Any kind of bread with a strong crust will do. Whether or not you bring it home with you, it is one of the things to buy in Switzerland that you can enjoy, right at its birthplace.

5 – Cow Bells

Cow Bells

Why are cows so important in Switzerland? Well, part of the reason is their milk, making world-famous chocolates. You can buy cowbells all over Switzerland and they make a fun thing to take home from Switzerland reminding you of the cows in the fields around the country.

6 – Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Before you purchase cheese to take home from your trip to Switzerland, ensure that you can make it home without it spoiling and that you can bring it into your home country. If it is not something you want to take home with you, you can still enjoy it while you visit Switzerland.

7 – Anything “HEIDI”

The story of Heidi is entered around the swiss alps and it is so popular that over 20 films have been made based on the book. Look for Heidi souvenirs, or pick up the book before you visit!

8 – Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks

Whether it is a small toy cuckoo clock or a large hanging piece worth thousands of dollars, a cuckoo clock is a popular souvenir to buy in Switzerland. They come in beautiful colors with intricate pieces and show off why the swiss are excellent timekeepers.

9 – Kambly Biscuits

Kambly Biscuits

Kambly biscuits are made in Switzerland and are one of the cheap things to buy in Switzerland t bring back from your trip. If you have time to visit the factory in Emmental, you can try them and choose your favorites to take home!


10 – REX Vegetable peeler

Touted as the world’s best but those who use it, the REX peeler has remained unchanged since 1947. It is ergonomic and unique, but because its design is so perfect, there is no need to improve on what is already perfect! It is lightweight and made of aluminum with a sharp potato eye remover on the side. If you want to bring home one of the best things to buy in Switzerland that you will use often, the REX peeler is that souvenir!

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Switzerland is a very expensive country to travel in, and they use their own currency. It is close in value to the Euro and you can get by mostly using Euros. But you are better to get yourself some local cash, as you will do better exchange rate wise.

If you are on the hunt for cheap souvenirs from Switzerland, stick to confectionary things like chocolate and biscuits or look for street shopping in Zurich or Geneva.

Alternatively, if you are looking for excellent quality goods, Switzerland is where you will find it!

Whether it is a watch, a swiss army knife, a beautiful table runner or other textiles that are locally produced or even high-quality hiking gear, you will not be second-guessing whether you have made a good purchase.

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