6 Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland You Must Visit

The lake is one of the most beautiful landscapes one can see. And The Swiss lakes and picturesque lakes, which excite the admiration of all, without exception, where you can enjoy swimming and diving, as they can relax on the beautiful shores and meditation in the most beautiful scenic surrounded by all the directions, and the city of many charming lakes, that we will present them in detail today.

Lake Geneva :

lac genevaLake Jinf or also known as Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes located in Europe, which extends between the two states, where 40% of the lake is located on the banks of the French border and the 60% Remains are located at the Swiss border and is one of the most beautiful lakes, which is famous for its Swiss city, although the southern part of Lake Geneva is located in France, but the lake is one of the largest lakes located in the Swiss city with an area of 580 square kilometers and a length of 73 square kilometers and a height of the sea lake about 373 meters.

And the diversity of the lake is not a big aquarium where Atuahd twenty species of fish and six species of these twenty species were brought to the lake in the nineteenth century and those of your fish Pike to the north, but the lake nevertheless obtained beautiful Birds Who flies over it in a charming sight that grabs the grains and appears as if it adorns the sky with its magnificent view and the lake flows into the Rhone.

Lake overlooking the city of Geneva, then looked like the lake with the city of the same name and is the city of Geneva, one of the most densely populated in Swiss cities and is the best known to come to many visitors periodically, especially to enjoy a nice day on Lake Geneva and enjoy the existing leisure activities there.

Lake Neuchâtel :

Lake Neuchâtel

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and is one of the largest lakes located entirely in Switzerland, although they reach half the area of the Lake Geneva area where extends 218.3 square kilometers and an area but distinct from Geneva as a whole found in the land the total Swiss length of the lake 38.3 square kilometers and display 8.3 km and the rise to the surface of the sea, an estimated distance of 439 meters and is located on the shores of cities such as Neuchâtel and Pavrdon-les-Bains and the lake an impressive range of charming landscapes you will enjoy seeing them there so you should not miss having the presence in the city of Switzerland.

Lake st. Moritz :

Lake St. Moritz St. MoritzOne of Switzerland’s lakes and distinctive character, which spans an area of 78 hectares and is about 1.6 kilometers and 600 meters length display As for the height above the level of the sea is estimated at 1,768 meters in Lake Ttaatdvq where.
And the lake is a place that combines beauty and adventure in all seasons of the year, it is in winter freezes the lake and is probably white, then white be bright house for the fun activities of skiing and Summer is a great spa thanks to Alyanpia Almaadinh who He was discovered there and has a history of over 3000 years.
And you can also enjoy taking a basket to move and whatever you like in a romantic tour around the lake is located on the shores of the town of Lake St. Moritz and the lake is derived from the city of the same name and is one of the most beautiful lakes, which offers a panoramic view of the charming.

Lake Seebergsee:

Lake Seebergsee

The lake is located in the middle of a nature reserve and covers an area of 6 hectares. It is one of the few lakes in the fictional world that captures the beauty.
Around the lake, you can enjoy many distinctive walking trails long distances, so when you go to it you will have a variety of things that can be enjoyed doing there, such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. -Marine that you can relax on the shores and enjoy the most wonderful enchanting scenery that can see everything.

Lake Lucerne :

Lake Lucerne

Is one of the best places you can enjoy a swim where in Switzerland and the best beaches of the lake wrapped around him and some of the big urban cities like Zurich and the city of Geneva.
The lake stretches on 113.6 square kilometers and passing from the sea to about 434 meters and the length The beach is 143.7 kilometers and the lake is surrounded by a range of charming green landscapes.

Lake Thun :

Lake Thun

Unique lakes of Switzerland near the Alps, which represents a collection of the most beautiful landscapes surrounded by the lake derived from the name of the city of Thun on the shores of the north shore of them.
The lake was formed as a result of a water tide of approximately 2,500 km2 and, during periods of heavy rainfall, the lake often causes local flooding that extends over 48.3 km2 and has a length of approximately 17.5 km and a width of 3.5 km. It is 558 meters above sea level and is generally warmer than other lakes, so it is ideal for indoor swimming.

Tips before going to the lakes of Switzerland

The city has many popular lakes where you can enjoy swimming, but you have to take a few precautions before you go and are:
You should not try to jump into one of these lakes to swim before making sure the place is safe to swim and see the signs that follow the rules that are followed.
Usually, you will be asked to pay extra if you want to have a sunbed resting on top after your swim.
Do not forget to bring sunscreen with you and put your body to go there so you do not have burns and icy infections that affect the skin of the sun.
Do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you, comfortable shoes and a sun protection hat.
There are also a lot of interesting opportunities for photography, so do not forget to clear a suitable place on your camera’s memory or on your mobile phone, as there are lots of fun pictures to pick up.
The lakes are fun and romantic so try to take the opportunity and take a loved one.
Here is our report on the most beautiful Swiss lakes that you can visit during tourism in Switzerland to take advantage of the closest opportunity and try to enjoy a romantic day with those you love there.

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