Where To Eat Cheese Fondue In Switzerland [Photos][Guide]

So many people love to eat cheese, so it is no wonder that Cheese Fondue in Switzerland is considered as a popular appetizer or a complete meal.  It became popular back in the 1930’s when the Swiss Cheese Union was trying to increase the consumption of cheese.

1- The Recipe – How to make an Easy Cheese Fondue?

A basic cheese fondue recipe calls for mixing milk, Worcestershire sauce, ground dry mustard, crushed garlic and flour in a saucepan and heating it until it almost starts to boil.  At that point, you will want to stir in cheese and continue heating until the cheese is completely melted.  Place the mixture in a fondue dish to keep everything warm and melted.

2- Hacks and Tips – How to Eat The Cheese Fondue?

When you are eating the cheese fondue, you should use a long type of fork, so that you can reach into the fondue dish easily.  You can dip different types of cubed bread or different vegetables into the melted cheese.  After you dip the bread or vegetable into the cheese, you will want to twirl it around a few times so it doesn’t drip as you are bringing it to your mouth.  It is also recommended that you have hot drinks available so the cheese does clump together in your stomach.  There is nothing worse than enjoying yummy cheese and then feel like you swallowed a brick later on in the day!

3- How Cheese Fondue Looks Like? [Photos]


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Cheese Fondue In Switzerland

Cheese Fondue with Green onions

4-Where to eat Cheese Fondue in Switzerland? [Guide]

Zurich Cheese Fondue Restaurants

In Zurich, the top three restaurants that serve cheese fondue are Fribourger Stübli, Swiss Chuchi-Hotel Adler and Burgwies.  Fribourger Stübli has been serving their fabulous cheese fondue for over 35 years and they have a variety of wines to choose from.  Swiss Chuchi-Hotel Adler offers a cozy atmosphere and during the summer months, you are able to sit outside at the Hirschenplatz and watch everything that is happening in the square.  Burgwies opened in 1978 and serves traditional cheese fondue.

Geneva Top Cheese Fondue Restaurants

Geneva’s top three-cheese fondue restaurants include Le Bateau-Lavoir, Bon-Vin, and Café du Soleil.  Le Bateau-Lavoir welcomes guests to their terrace for breathtaking views as well as foods that are prepared with locally grown products. Bon-Vin is ideal for families and they have creatively prepared fondues.  Café du Soleil is most likely the oldest restaurant in Switzerland, so there is a good chance that they have the best fondue as well.

Where To eat Cheese Fondue in St. Gallen

The top fondue restaurants in St. Gallen are Fondue-Beizli Neueck and Appenzeller Schaukäserei.  Fondue-Beizli Neueck is a rustic restaurant that is known for its charm and offers fondues that are very versatile. Appenzeller Schaukäserai has cheese fondues and dishes that use Appenzeller cheese exclusively.

Cheese Fondue in Interlaken

Interlaken has three-cheese fondue restaurants that are recommended and they are Gasthof Hirschen, Hotel Bahnhof and Hotel Aarburg.  Gasthof Hirschen is a cozy and authentic restaurant that dates back to 1666.  Hotel Bahnhof is a wonderful choice for families and they serve fondues and many regional dishes.  Hotel Aarburg serves traditional fondues made with Swiss traditions.

Other Cheese Fondue Restaurants in Switzerland

In Lucerne, the Chäs Chalet Restaurant offers cozy seating, complete with cushions for a pleasant eating experience.  Rösti-Stube-Hüttenmoser is one of the best cheese fondue restaurants in Basel.  They offer Chinese fondue for a unique eating experience.

The Swiss Cheese fondue is a tradition to enjoy.

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