Discover the canton of Neuchatel and the Jura

In the southwest of Lake Neuchâtel, the medieval town of Grandson features a beautiful castle and a lovely Romanesque church.
The capital of hydrotherapy, Yverdon-les-Bains, in the south of the lake is frequented by many spa guests and has a nice beach.The lake is very clean and is perfect for swimming, windsurfing and water skiing. The city of Neuchâtel, with its beautiful ocher facades, lively pubs, is pleasant to go.s, is pleasant to go.

Discover the canton of Neuchatel and the Jura,swiss7 blog,The Chaux-de-Fonds is the International Museum of Watchmaking, one of the largest in the world in this field, which traces the evolution of an activity which is the region’s main activity.
The architect Le Corbusier, who spent his youth here, built several villas for the notables of the city: Villa Fallet, Villa Schwob, La Maison Blanche. In the canton of Jura, we will make a stop in Porrentruy to admire the stunning stained glass windows of the churches of the Old City.
Further north, the region of Freiberger has wonderful pastures bordered by pine forests where you can go horseback riding, hiking or canoeing on the Doubs.

Lake Neuchâtel

Located at Jura, it borders the territory of four cantons Neuchâtel, Vaud, Fribourg, and Bern.

A lake 100% Swiss

A lake 100% Swiss, Discover the canton of Neuchatel and the Jura, swiss7 blogIt is the largest lake entirely, belonging to Switzerland. Its surface is 217 square kilometers.

The big jump

The Château Oex skydiving school offers baptisms parachute jumping or skydiving above the lake. Thrills guaranteed!

Catholic tradition

Catholic tradition, Discover the canton of Neuchatel and the Jura, swiss7 blogThe medieval and modern towers that are reminiscent Township is committed to its Catholic tradition, like the rest of the country.

The chain jurasienne

The chain jurasienne,Discover the canton of Neuchatel and the Jura, swiss7 blogThe Jura consists mostly of limestone.

Asphalt Mines

mines d asphalte, Discover the canton of Neuchatel and the Jura, swiss7 blog

We have often heard the old asphalt mines but had never taken the time to go there. With friends who we wanted to explore the area, we carried out the survey.
The welcome was very friendly, a perfectly bilingual guide immediately put a good atmosphere in the group. The entire route is very interesting and captivating. It is hard to believe that only a few decades men worked in the mines in very difficult conditions.
After 1 hour 30, we were back in the light and did not see the time passing. At the end, we also understood why the ham cooked in asphalt is so good. I will not reveal, you must go there yourself …
Excellent tour, very interesting and very competent guide. Bravo and thank you.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden was redone in recent years and it is a success. The gardens are beautiful! Several locations are for rent for grilling. I recommend!

The Hotel Windsor


The Windsor is a hotel which enjoys a central location in Geneva. About 200 meters from the Cornavin train station and 500 meters from Lake Geneva. It was completely renovated in 2009.

The quiet rooms come with free Wi-Fi.

You will have free access to modern fitness facilities and sauna.

You can catch public transport such as trams and trains to the airport, without charge, for the duration of your stay.

This area (Paquis) is an ideal choice for travelers who are interested in these topics: Relaxation, lakes, and Food.

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