Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide

Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide

A travel guide for visiting Lucerne in Switzerland. 9 of the best things to do in Lucerne including Lucerne Railway Station, Lucerne Lion Monument, Glacier Garden, Bourbaki Panorama, Chapel Bridge, Lucerne’s Old Town, City Walls & Clock Tower, Starkiller Restaurant, Mt. Pilatus Day Trip. Lucerne has a very impressive main train station. It’s been rebuilt, the facade of the old one is still here. But you’ll find the train station will be your most convenient way to get in and out of Lucerne. There are tons of shops in it, and also the jumping off point for most buses that take you around the city. And the ferries that’ll take you on the Golden Round Trip. And, as you can see by the departure sign, they have a lot of departures out of the station. The basement level of the train station is also home to one of Lucerne’s latest open supermarkets. This Coop is open ’til 10 pm every day. It’s also a great place to get chocolate, at Laderach. And cheap eats, if all those expensive places in the city have got you wallet broke, check out the Currywurst right here. Next to the train station, in this big, black, modern-looking building, that almost looks like a UFO landed, is Lucerne’s Concert Hall and Art Museum. If you’re a Star Trek fan, this building might remind you of the Borg cube, kinda looks like to me.

The biggest attraction in Lucerne, one ’cause it’s big, and two ’cause this is where everybody comes, is the Lion Monument. This is a monument depicting the Swiss troops who died in 1792, in the French Revolution. It is a pretty sad lion, he’s been impaled by a spear, and he’s covering a shield over there, that depicts the French Monarchy. While it may not be the best attraction in Lucerne, ’cause it’s certainly not the happiest, it is one that you have to come and see because everybody comes to see the sad lion. If you’ve watched any other of my Switzerland videos, you’ll know I talk a lot about the fountains, and this city is no exception. In Lucerne, they have over 200 public fountains with running water from the mountains, tastes just like cold, refreshing Evian water. If you’re thirsty, just come up to one of these fountains and you can use it, get some water, or maybe even wash your hands.

Just above the Lion Monument is the Glacier Garden. It’s a natural rock formation that happened when glaciers moved over this part of Lucerne, many, many years ago. One of the interesting things that happen when glaciers go, you can see the scrape marks, but behind me, there’s also these potholes. There’s a little one back here but there’s a big one back there that’s like nine meters deep. It’s caused by the force of the water underneath the glacier. There’s also a Glacier Museum and a House of Mirrors. Admission’s a little steep, but if you have the Swiss travel pass admission’s free. The Hall of Mirrors, I’ll say is very cool, because in this room it has the Alhambra Fountain in it. How many of me can you count? And no, this is not a special effect, this is really what this room looks like.

After you visit the Lion Monument, if you want some culture in the form of a big painting, you can visit the Bourbaki Panorama. It’s in this nondescript building here, it is a 10 meter high, by 112-meter wrap around the panoramic painting that is of the French internment, where the French army was interned in Switzerland back in 1891. It’s very interesting, if you have the Swiss pass it’s free, if not it’s a small admission fee, just note that there’s no air conditioning, so if it’s hot then it’s quite a heat wave inside.


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