The Matterhorn: The Switzerland Symbol

The Matterhorn and Switzerland are closely related to each other. His pyramidal summit makes the climbing very difficult, is probably the most photographed mountain in the world. In front of it, the Klein Matterhorn you’ll make by a cable car.

Climbing The Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland

In 1865, the first ascent, which cost the lives of four of the seven climbers who attempt the adventure, changed the destiny of this region until then very isolated. He has earned a worldwide reputation and has become the goal of every ambitious climber.

Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland

Even today, the ascent is a hard mission, reserved for experienced climbers, well equipped and accompanied by a competent guide. From the Klein (Matterhorn Paradise), which is separated by the collar and the Theodul glacier, one has a wonderful view of the most photographed mountain in the world. A cable car from Zermatt to the Klein Matterhorn. Its upper station, located 3820 meters above sea level, the highest cable car station in the world.

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