Meet Basel : Switzerland’s Most Charming City

Switzerland is one of Europe’s top destinations for tourists. They usually want to go to Zurich, Bern or visit the Swiss Alpes but there is one city that has conquered their hearts over the years. Renown for its architecture and numerous museums, Basel will make you feel like you are back in medieval times, in the best way possible. Its museums will introduce you to the works of great architects as Renzo Piano, Mario Botta or Herzog. The city is surrounded by Rhein river and is actually pretty close to the French border.


Basel’s street are definitely what we could describe as an alchemy between old style construction and new. First, we highly recommend that you spend some time at the market square is located beside the magnificent Munster cathedral, which you should also definitely visit. Then you should head to museums such as Basel Art museum or the Museum of culture and its wonderful galleries.

Another great asset of the city is its botanical gardens and green parks. Zoo Basel is actually quite an amazing zoo to visit as it is located right in the middle of Basel, just like Central Park in New York. The Zoo Basel holds many exhibits along the year, which are “designed not to reveal everything at the first glance and are planned to invite visitors to stop and make personal observations.”

When you visit Basel try to do it in February or March as you will be able to enjoy the Fasnacht, the biggest carnival in Switzerland, that takes place in the city and lasts three days. Cruising is also a great option for both tourists and locals and the Rhein boat excursion is definitely one of the recommended things to do in Basel. In this way, you’ll get an unbeatable view of the city.

Basel Christmas Market

If you visit Basel in Christmas time you then you’ll be simply amazed by the beautiful Christmas markets and try the many delicious traditional meals. If you happen to be in the city in October or November, then you should really attend the Basel autumn fair as it offers great fun with rides and stalls.

Additionally, Basel tourism is well known for its sports events. The most popular sport is definitely tennis, which is not a coincidence as Basel happens to be the birthplace of Roger Federer. Each year in October this city hosts awesome events involving the best tennis players from all over the world during the Swiss indoors Basel tournament. Football also has its fans, and you can attend several local clubs matches.

Basel is also a great city to study and you will actually be fascinated by the opportunities it offers. The University of Basel is quite famous for its past history and many young students come from abroad to gain some knowledge especially in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The University library is also a must see.

Now you know why Basel should definitely be on your to-do list !

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