The most expensive cities in Europe

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1- Monaco (France)


Elected as the most expensive city in Europe, you can’t afford an apartment unless you pay millions of euros. One square meter will cost you between 30-40 thousands of euros.

2- London (Great Britain)


England capital is the second expensive city in Europe due to life quality. A square meter cost from 26 to 32 thousands euros. Kensington Palace Gardens is the most expensive area in London.

3- Geneva (Switzerland)


Being a safe city attract buyers, affording one square meter cost between 15-25 thousands of euros. Ruth street is the most expensive zone in Geneva.

4- Paris (France)


A square meter is about 12 to 17 thousands euros. George 5 St is the most priced area in Paris. Is the lifestyle that attracts people to live in the City of Lights.

5- Zurich (Switzerland)


To acquire a square meter in the largest city in Switzerland, you have to pay between 12 to 22 thousands euros. The economic capital attracts more and more buyers.

6- Moscow (Russia)


The most peopled city of Europe is also the sixth in the list, a square meter in Russia capital cost 14 to 19 thousand euros. The Kremlin is symbolic for the city.

7- Venice (Italy)


The Canal Grande is the zone of your dream in this  Italian city, a square meter will cost you about 12-15 thousands of euros. The city is known for its gondolas, Carnivals and amazing museums.

8- Rome (Italy)


The Italian capital is the 8th expensive European city in the luxury estate market. A square meter cost between 11.5 and 13 thousand euros. Piazza Di Spagna is the most expensive area.

9- Munich (Germany)


The life quality of the Bavaria capital attract the buyers. One million euros will pay you an apartment with a surface of 87 square meters. the Pienzenauerstraβe is the most priced zone in the city.

10- Vienna (Austria)


The capital offers a good life quality that attracts the buyer to purchase a square meter for 14 to 25 thousands euros. The most expensive square in the city is Kaasgraben street. The largest city of Austria is known for The Valse dance and for its well-known musicians such as Mozart and Strauss.


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