Winter is here !! Top Switzerland Ski Resorts [Guide][Photos]

Switzerland is known for its skiing, among other things.  The problem is choosing which Switzerland Ski Resorts to visit.  There are so many to choose from and we are going to help by narrowing it down to the top five for you.

1- Adelboden Ski Resort

Adelboden Ski Resort Switzerland

Adelboden is one of the first class ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.  They have high altitudes and a wide range of slopes.  What makes it even more perfect is the 56 transport systems that take you everywhere in the mountains!  There are well-groomed cross country runs, sledding slopes and walking trails that make this a perfect destination for any group.  The activities are endless and no one will get bored before they get exhausted from the nonstop fun.

2- Laax Flims Falera Ski Resort

Laax Flims Falera Ski Resort Switzerland

Flims Laax Falera is in one of Europe’s most snowy regions.  They offer snowy slopes alongside mountain restaurants and ski bars.  Skiers, snowboarders, and hikers will all enjoy the numerous trails at different altitudes.  After a full day on the slopes, you will be able to partake in the nightlife activities that are available on the mountain.

3- Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald – Wengen Ski Resort

Wengen Ski Resort Switzerland

The Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald – Wengen ski resort has some of the most beautiful views in the world.  Quite a few of the skiers will go here, just so they can enjoy the panoramic views from the mountain.  They offer skiing as well as sledding runs.  They are also the home to the world famous Lauberhorn downhill ski area.

4- Obersaxen Mundaun Ski Resort

Obersaxen Mundaun Ski Resort Switzerland

Obersaxen Mundaun ski resort offers slopes that are well prepared for skiers and snowboarders alike.  As you are making trips down the mountain, feel free to stop at one of the cozy huts or ski bars.  You will be able to enjoy a drink and warm up by the fire, before heading back to the slopes for a few more runs before sunset.

5- Davos Klosters Parsenn Ski Resort

Davos Klosters Parsenn Ski Resort Switzerland

Davos Klosters Parsenn is a ski resort that has recently made it faster to get to the slopes.  After doing some reconstruction, skiers will now be able to reach the slopes in four minutes!  They have 6 different ski areas with 80 different ski runs.  The longest run is 13 km.  They also have 75 km of cross country skiing trails, with one of them illuminated at night.  Dogs are permitted on a few of these trails, making it a dream destination for animal lovers.

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