This is What it’s Like Taking a Helicopter Tour of the Swiss Alps

Since I am a little child I constantly needed to fly with a helicopter. Getting a charge out of fantastic perspectives from above, practically like a flying creature, while feeling lively in light of the fact that you’re brimming with adrenalin. That is the manner by which I envisioned a helicopter flight. At whatever point I got notification from a companion or even only an irregular individual I’ve met, that did it as of now, I was somewhat envious. so I figured I can do a swiss alps helicopter tour.

The preparation

A helicopter can reach incredible speed altitudes and it’s, therefore, harder to take sharp images – use fast shutter speed to avoid that. Even if you do you will have some images that are not sharp, but you will keep it to a minimum. I also highly recommend to get yourself a seat with a window that you can open during the flight. The quality of the images is much better than photographing through the glass with its reflections. Other than that: Enjoy your flight!

Surrounded by soaring mountain peaks including the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau, Interlaken is a thrill-seeker’s dream destination. On this tour, take to the skies by helicopter with round-trip travel from your Interlaken hotel included, and experience the buzz of sky-diving in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Soar to 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) above sea level and leap into the clear, blue yonder in tandem with your instructor.

  • Experience the thrill of skydiving by helicopter in Interlaken
  • Leap from 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) above sea level
  • Panoramic views over the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau peaks
  • Hassle-free round-trip travel from your Interlaken hotel

Adventure helicopter flight: My impressions

Now, after I told you the facts I will tell you the more important part, at least for me: How was it? I can give you an answer in one word: UNFORGETTABLE! But you should know me, I will talk a lot more about it than just one word. If you’re thinking about doing a helicopter flight in Switzerland or somewhere else in the future you should definitely continue reading.

The views

I had enormous desires for my first helicopter flight and got not frustrated by any stretch of the imagination. We had some mist around Switzerland that day and I was somewhat worried about the perspectives we will get, in any case, I had calls with the helicopter organization and got refreshed normally. On the off chance that the climate isn’t incredible they will tell you and you can settle on an official conclusion. All things considered, when I saw the helicopter in Lauterbrunnen I began to get truly energized, particularly in light of the fact that I cherish this place as of now on the ground. A few minutes after we took off we could get away from the mists and the mist and were compensated with a perspective of the Swiss Alps from above. I felt mind-boggling.

The feels

Like I am on the tallest, quickest and most unbelievable rollercoaster on this planet – while taking a gander at an excellent view. When we flew beside the “Highest point of Europe” on 3’500 meters I understood how insane this really is. Last time I was there I needed to take a train up to this place – which took me over 60 minutes. With a helicopter flight, you can achieve this astounding spot in under 10 minutes and even have better perspectives.

The video

We landed on a remote glacier, that is almost impossible to reach without a helicopter. Also included in the route were the “Eiger”, “Mönch” and “Jungfrau”, probably the most-famous mountain ridge of Switzerland. Eventually, the plan was to get back to Lauterbrunnen, which we had to change spontaneously due to the weather conditions.



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