TOP 5 things to do in Zurich – Switzerland

TOP 5 things to do in Zurich – Switzerland

These are the TOP 5 things to do in Zurich, Switzerland. If you are here for one day you can do them all.If you don’t know what to do when you travel to Zurich this video is perfect for you.
I arrived in Zurich, Switzerland around lunchtime got myself to Zurich HB which is the Zurich main train station and that is where I started the video.The first stop was Uetliberg, this place is beautiful and you can have an amazing view over the whole Zurich and the Alps.
Then I went to Altstadt which is the old town or old part of Zurich and if you don’t know what to do or you don’t have a place just come walk around this old town because here you have lots to do but the first place you should pass through is the Bahnhofstrasse, this street is where you can find the most expensive and exclusive brands and items in Zurich, Switzerland.After these 3 places, we also checked the Fraumunster church, where there is the famous Chagall windows and if you have time to come to Fraumunster church go inside and take some pictures inside.The last place was Lindenhof Park and this Lindenhof park is a beautiful place to take nice pictures or just to relax because the view from there is stunning, don’t forget Lindenhof Park.So the top 5 things to do in Zurich are:
Visit Uetliberg
Take a walk in Alstadt
Go to Bahnhofstrasse
See the Chaggal windows in Fraumunster Church
Relax and take amazing pictures at Lindenhof Park

Apart from that 2 extra things you should do in to drink water from a fountain and try the delicious sausages Zurich people make.


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  1. Ares310788 says

    which camery you used to record this? was it a gopro? looks like there is also some sort of "stabilisation", did you used a giro?. Thanks

  2. Tamara Gerber says

    Pedro, if you come back to Zurich, make sure to grab a drink at Jules Verne Bar at the 10th floor of the Urania Observatory building (you actually featured it in your footage). GREAT view over the city!

  3. Pascrafter Yolo says

    Come to lucerne it is the moast beautiful city in swizerland

  4. Bettina S says

    i died when he said uetliberg lmao 😂

  5. Ba / Ba says

    Nice video, even though you missed all the parts were the real Zurich people go out. Zurich has way more to offer as only touristy old town and expensive shops.

  6. GuliBulli says

    You forgot a couple things, those are things you can do mainly in a town, like Zürich in this video.

    What about Jungfraujoch?
    What about Caumasee?
    What about Aescher Cliff?

    Eating raclette ~
    Nice video, but you forgot some very nice things.

  7. Ashley Hamilton -2000 says

    Just as a little tip don’t go to the Bahnhofstrasse after the shops are closed because it’s not that interesting when they’re closed😂

  8. Fruchtsalat 1 says

    Wer isch au Zürcher?

  9. Fc Someo says


  10. JoshuaSpielt says

    Good Video i am from Zürich! I like ❤😌

  11. edson mello says

    Goodnight friend
    What equipment are you using to film?
    It's night and it looks like day
    parabens for the video

  12. GreenLord BiH says

    Ihr Braucht einen Guten Anwalt wen ihr in die Schweiz und in die Stadt Zürich geht .

    Wen was Passiert und ein Schweizer Schuld ist . Wird der Schweizer Lügen . Und die Korrupte Schweizer Justiz wird euch noch die Schuld Rein Würgen und euch Abzocken .

    Also Vertraut keinem Schweizer und meided Dieses Nazistische Durch Korrupte Schweizer Verseuchtes Land .

  13. Fio says

    the park is called LINDENHOF and the old town is much nicer during the day…

  14. Christoph Furler says

    Maybe you know, not all of us Swiss are able to buy those expensive watches (of course it's possible when you save money forgo other things). 😉
    The last place calls Lindenhof (Die Linde – the limetree)
    Anyway a good video and when you need some information or help, you can ask us Swiss or in Zurich/Switzerland living people

    Finally I see, I go very often to Zurich, but I have never been to Uetliberg 🙁 ^^

  15. Bruno Sousa says

    5:35 you're actually not allowed to take pictures inside the church 😀


    It's called Lindenhof

  17. xHmH.Girlx says

    Zürcher ume? 😂

  18. Usama Fayyaz says

    How much will a 10 day Switzerland tour cost for 2 persons?? Including everything

  19. that's not my name says

    its Lindenhof not Liedenhof…

  20. Blerta LA says

    My cityy 🙂

  21. Darren Butler says

    I know that place i went a few times there for barbecues with friends and family

  22. Osi unterwegs says

    Nice video about "my" City Zurich. Come next time in summer, its much more nice on warm seasons. #osiunterwegs

  23. スイス russart says

    LOL JUST SAW MY HOUSE and btw in the mountains its gonna be way colder like max. -35C ( my coldest exp.)

  24. Bojan Milosavljević says

    Zurich is the best…😀

  25. Marko Shemsa says

    Puši bre kurac

  26. John Iwuji says

    I love your video

  27. Abhishek srivastava says

    Hey Pedro, Which month you were their? I am asking coz i will also be their in October mid, so want to know how cold it could be?

  28. Nelia Merza says

    So nice in Zurich i wish i could travel there

  29. gran bidio chaval

  30. Yogesh chauhan g says

    I live in Geneva beutifull places I LOVE my country Switzerland

  31. TheRoseNduta says

    What is the weather like around January and February?

  32. Samarjit Samanta says

    It seems like Amsterdam. Amazing place 😊

  33. Eric Carlson says

    why make the video at night?

  34. Mustafa Al-shammary says

    I'm going to Zurich next March 2019, I really appreciate any tips, that's my first time and I'm taking my wife with me, I wish if I can wake up in the morning facing the Mountain view with breakfast on the table. 🙂

  35. Holidays Texas says


  36. MAZHER UDDIN says

    যাইতে চাইছিলাম।
    যাইতে পারিনাই।
    কারণ নেয় নাই।
    বোন থাকে
    আমি যাইতে পারিনি।

  37. duckthroat says

    Water comes from the lakenot mountains.

  38. Zeynep Tastan says

    I have a trip to Zürich in July . This video is very helpful thank u Pedro ❤

  39. Umair's Channel says

    The worst vblog ever see, go and delete ur channel idiot

  40. Caroline c says

    …a night travel video?

  41. ahmad javed says

    Sir your video messed up stopped watching

  42. Ryan Schneider VLOGS says

    Great stuff man! Im headed there in a week and this really helps for my vlogging adventures there as well! Awesome video and very helpful!

  43. Earth says

    The music is annoying.

  44. Akash kittur says

    How do take care of ur skin , it’s glowing

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