Where to celebrate the new year in Switzerland?

We all know that Switzerland is traditionally the land of three different things: chocolate, skiing, and banking that is very private. However, there is a great deal more to experience in this country than just those three things.

Here are four great Switzerland cities that you should definitely consider visiting, especially for the new year.

Celebrate new year in Switzerland


Interlaken city in switzerland

This Switzerland destination gets its name from being situated on a split of land located between two lakes. This is a great location if you are someone who is into extreme sports, horseback riding, backpacking, parasailing, etc. Skydiving is also an activity that is highly recommended by many, especially if you really want to take in the sheer majesty of the Alps. Chances are you may have gone skydiving before; however, nothing compares to skydiving through the mountains of Switzerland. While this is an activity that you will have to pay quite a bit of money for, the price is most definitely worth the experience.


Zurich Switzerland

Zurich is known as the cleanest city in all of Switzerland. In fact, many feel that it is the cleanest city in all of Europe as well, as there are many different guide books who challenge readers to find a single piece of trash on the streets, claiming it is virtually impossible to do so. It’s almost as if you’re walking through a theme park, sort of like Disneyland; however, if you are someone who is on a budget, it should be noted that a place like Zurich is much more expensive than a place like Disneyland.

St. Moritz

St Moritz Switzerland

If you are someone who prefers to be around things that are luxurious and don’t mind spending outrageous amounts of money, then St. Moritz is most definitely the location for you.


Geneva Switzerland

Geneva is a city that reminds a lot of people of more stereotypical images of Switzerland that they see in the media, especially thanks to the many cobblestone streets. The city contains many wonderful and entertaining things, such as art and live music. The best way to get around and become familiar with your surroundings in this city is to partner up with a local and follow their lead. Once you do this, you’re sure to have a great time.

Oftentimes, Switzerland can really seem too good to be true; however, the only way to truly find out for yourself is to visit it!

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